Omiria Sanchinelli

Omiria holds a Master´s degree in Educational Management, a Bachelor´s in Educational Administration from the Universidad Panamericana, a PEM in History and Social Sciences, and a technical certificate in Administration. She teaches at the Universidad San Carlos in Guatemala.

Prior to joining Monarch, Omiria spent 16 years as an elementary teacher in public schools. She founded the National Institute for Basic Education July 14, 1789, where she worked for 19 years as a technical director and in administration. She also founded the Bilingual Secretarial Training School No. 4.

Omiria taught social studies and worked as the technical director for the Colegio CSS school. For 10 years,  she has been the academic adviser at the military academy, Instituto Adolfo V. Central Hall. Omiria has received several recognitions for her work with students. These include: the Omiria Sanchinelli Medal of Honor, awarded by the faculty and staff of the Institute “July 14, 1789″, and a Bronze Medal, awarded by the Guatemalan Army.

From the Ministry of Education, Omiria received training on the new national curriculum (Curriculo Nacional Base, CNB) implemented in the pre-primary, primary, and secondary levels. This new curriculum is an update on the technical and pedagogical processes of teaching and learning, focused on the individual.

At Monarch, Omira´s work is to ensure that the school meets the standards stipulated by the Ministry of Education. She keeps track of student records, provides information on the activities performed at school, and provides any other information that the educational supervisior requests.

For Omiria, working at Monarch is an honor, a privilege and a blessing from God. One that allows her to work monitoring an academic program that benefits children with neurobehavioral challenges. Working with an enthusiatic, responsible, multidisciplinary  team strenghtens her commitment to continuing her professional development.

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