Olga Renata Rivera de Alejos

Administrative & Academic Director

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and the technical college degree in Speech Disorders at Universidad Rafael Landívar. She has two postgraduate degrees – one in Multidisciplinary Education Sciences at Buffalo State University of New York, and the other in Education Administration at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.  She has also postgraduate studies in Curriculum at the same university.


She is certified in Leadership in International Education Institutions from the Principals’ Training Center for International School Leadership.  She has also maintained a continuous professional development process by participating in seminars, courses, and workshops both in the administrative and academic areas at domestic and foreign levels, including the following topics: Management with Leadership, Learning Styles, Interdisciplinary Learning Strategies, Assessment of Students’ Work, Curricular Development, Differentiated Education, and Learning Difficulties, among others.


Before joining Monarch Private School, Olga Renata worked for 32 years at an International Private School, having performed in different teaching and administrative positions, including Elementary School Principal for 18 years; High school Principal for 2 years; and Curriculum Director for 5 years, where she coordinated the development of Scope and Sequence Tables of all subjects from Pre-kindergarten to 12th Grade, having integrated the National Base Curriculum into the California State Curriculum Education Standards.   She also provided administrative and academic advisory for one year to Colegio El Bosque, located in Retalhuleu.


Switching from an internationally accredited regular school to a therapeutic school has been an exciting challenge for Olga Renata, which opened her eyes to a new world in the educational area where learning new pieces of knowledge is beyond limits.  She feels very fortunate in being able to belong to an institution where individualized attention is provided to each child, according to his challenges and needs, discovering the potential that each one can develop with the help of a team of highly qualified, professionally trained members, using the most updated therapeutic techniques and strategies. All the above makes her being committed to develop a professional team accompanied by a multidisciplinary team.

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