Luis Gaitán

Novice Level Coordinator

He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and completed a technical program in Special Education focused on clinical-educational intervention at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. During the following years, he has specialized in studying and applying the Sensory and Neuromotor Integration Theory, gaining 5-year experience at a child development clinic. He continues his studies and continuous training in this area.

He is currently a student of the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL) and of the “Neuropsychology Specialty” at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. Within his ICDL studies, he obtained the Intermediate DIRFloortime™ provider level. He is also interested in sharing his knowledge; that is why he entered the university teaching field at Universidad Rafael Landívar during the 2014 school year.

During the 2013 summer, he completed a training program at Monarch Houston, Texas, to be able to work and coordinate the Novice level at Monarch Private School; through this experience, he gained not only a greater knowledge of the approach, but also identified herself mainly with the institution’s vision and mission.

Luis states: “Monarch Private School is a fascinating place, where I will be able to implement each one of my pieces of knowledge, in order to look for the benefit of each one of our children and their families. I am thankful with life for giving me the chance of being a Life Changing Agent”.

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