Lucía Molina

Therapist Teacher

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. She has postgraduate degree in Psychotherapy delivered by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain. She completed postgraduate courses in Child Psychotherapy at the Escuela de Psicoanálisis de Niños y Adolescentes in Madrid. She was assistant professor of Psychometry and Educational Psychology at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Since her student days, she showed interest in working with kids, for she decided to study psychology to be able to help them in the emotional field. She worked with children and teenagers at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín clinic.   In addition, she completed practices for the postgraduate program at a facility for children with behavioral, mental, and/or emotional problems.

Lucía had the opportunity of volunteering for approximately 5 months at a Foundation that provided support to families with children who had autism and autistic spectrum disorders. During the time spent by her in that facility, she was very attracted to learning and supporting children, and that made her approach to Monarch Private School looking for new opportunities.

Currently, Lucía keeps working with children in the psycho-therapeutic area, having specialized in social skills, emotional control, play therapy, and academic reinforcement.


*Working with children makes me feel full, since they teach me so many things each day. They are little, extraordinary persons, who need someone to help them focus their energy to learning, improve their challenges, and take advantage of their strengths; and that’s what we do every day at Monarch Private School”.

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