Evelyn Illescas

Therapist Teacher

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and completed a technical program in Special Education at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. Evelyn is interested in gaining knowledge; she has completed some courses focused on the education area, since she considers it very important to be updated.

Since she was a little girl, she showed interest in education and as a secondary-school level career she began to study for Teacher of Bilingual Preschool Education; since the school practice up to the university practice, she showed interest in helping kids receive a comprehensive education.

She was lucky to have a mother who shared the same passion for education; Evelyn started to work at a private school which principal was her mother and worked 6 years together. Evelyn states that they were years full of rewards, as her mother was her mentor during the first years of her work development. Her professional aspirations made her going one step further in the ladder, as she worked 4 years at a private school under the regular education system, where she started working as a rotating teacher, and she managed to be promoted up to the Spanish teacher position. Evelyn states that providing the necessary tools to children as of their early years is important to make them increase their individual skills, both for their personal and school lives.

During those years and in addition to working at education institutions, she has provided tutorship to kids with learning difficulties.

Eager to start a new period in her life, she was offered the opportunity in 2014 to join Monarch Private School, where she was welcomed to be a new member in the community; since the first day of work, Evelyn states that it has been a world full of learning, since one learns from experience.

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