Chrystin García

Coordinator for Apprentice and Challenger Levels

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Universidad Rafael Landívar with a specialty in Education and was honored with the Magna Cum Laude recognition; she also studied a postgraduate program in Behavioral Neurophysiology at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (also honored with the Magna Cum Laude recognition). In 2010, she was awarded a grant to study a postgraduate program in Intervention on Disability and Dependence at the Universidad de la Coruña, Spain.

She currently works as Coordinator for the Apprentice and Challenger Levels at Colegio Monarch. She has been an associate of the Monarch Community as of September 2011. In addition, she continues working as a professor of diverse courses in the Psychology and Education areas at the Universidad Rafael Landívar and Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

She has completed a 3-month training program at the Monarch Institute in Houston, Texas, during the summer of 2012-2013. Through this experience, she gained not only a greater knowledge of the approach, but also identified herself mainly with the institution’s vision and mission.

She has taken part in several both national and international meetings, representing the institution and sharing the methodology for both therapeutic and academic use, and as an inclusion tool.

She has worked as an individual therapist with children and teenagers, as well as a consultant in rural development projects, and also as a technical manager of a private company that provides psychological services. Her interest in human development and education has led her to prepare herself in the academic field and to work in the teaching area, as a preference, to be able to keep learning and sharing her knowledge in a welfare multiplying system. She has also been linked to volunteering initiatives in high-risk communities.

While she knew about Colegio Monarch as of its early days, she joins the community upon her return in the country, since she states that she found a solidly founded educative and therapeutic institution, with a staff committed to all and every details necessary in a program for children and youngsters with neurobehavioral differences and who make a difference in the country, as she continues stating: “I witnessed Monarch’s development and the work performed by all the team members throughout the years has been amazing; it’s a true honor being a part of a dream come true”.

Chrystin states: “I think that the human being is capable of learning something new each day; when each day is over, there is nothing better than the smile left by the sand grains provided by each kid in his way, in collaboration with his team and family, thus building a better road for himself. Monarch is more than a school; it’s a lifestyle; is a part of my family”.

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