Ana Lucía Corzantes

Therapist Teacher

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Universidad Rafael Landívar. She worked 4 years as a preschool teacher under the Montessori methodology and the regular education system at the preschool level, directly interacting with children who were 2-6 years old.


In order to favor a comprehensive development of Guatemalan children, she worked for 3 years on family strengthening issues at the “En la Comunidad Encuentro” Association as a Coordinator and Trainer in the Certification Program for Family Guidance, for urban and rural teachers in Guatemala.


She also works by providing tutorships for children in the areas of integral development and academic competences. In the last seven years, she has worked at the Monarch Guatemala Community by broadening and developing knowledge in the Executive Functions, Body and Emotional Regulation, Social Relationships, Academic Competences, and Sensory Integration areas.


In June 2012, she took part both in theory and practice in the Summer Program at Monarch Houston for 5 weeks, where she acquired essential skills and capabilities from those professionals who worked with this approach.


Ana Lucía thinks that each person is a unique, original and one-time-only individual, with his/her strengths and weaknesses, who deserves to be happy throughout their lifetime by means of his/her integral development. At Monarch Private School, Ana Lucía has found that this approach allows her to escort children in the amazing journey through life, looking for a lot of smiles.

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