Alessandra Zamora

Founder/Executive Director

She has been involved since 1998 with both Guatemalan and foreign families and professionals dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and research of neurobehavioral problems (ADHD, dyslexia, delayed speech, non-verbal learning disorder, autism, and other).  She brings with herself a mother’s personal history that made her start an overwhelming journey looking for answers, which took her beyond her personal need and made her commit herself to develop a self-training by continuously taking part in congresses, seminars, and visits in various facilities in the USA and Central America.

In 2002, she took on the conduction of APPANNE (English acronym for Association of Parents and Professionals for Children with Special Educational Needs).   During those days she worked together with families and professionals by providing support, knowledge, and training.   Those years where she experienced a continuous involvement with related issues allowed her to have a deep knowledge of the lack of services, and to envision the first international therapeutic school for Guatemala and Central America. In the early 2006, she took on the leadership of founding Monarch Private School – Guatemala, a highly demanding but greatly satisfying challenge.

Alessandra shares her life with her 3 children, who have made her a better person and keep being her greatest driving force. She has walked for many years through this art journey related to fashion and dance, both a passion and talent that are still present in her life.

“Colegio Monarch Guatemala has been a life-time project, a space where they give the opportunity of bringing a vision, gathering talented people, and ensuring that our effort and determination will focus on providing answers where there were none. Contributing with a highly significant impact on the lives of those families is my greatest reward.”

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