Smart Power Campaign

We are What We Eat
A smart diet should provide good nutrition, appropriate to the child’s developmental status. Proper administration of food and vitamins, is a valuable supplement to improve or avoid certain behaviors and symptoms in children with neuro-behavioral challenges. That is why we must make a meal plan. It is essential to know and avoid foods that harm them.

For this purpose, MONARCH SCHOOL organized during the month of October on a few activities INTELLIGENT POWER to our school community. We thank you and we count on your participation.

We have professional counseling
Isabel Orellana Chang is certified in anti-inflammatory nutrition, has a master’s degree in international management and a Bsc. in business administration. Regularly participates in conferences related to health food. He grew up in Austria with a natural food diet. He has lived in New York and London, currently residing in Guatemala where he gives lectures on living and healthy eating, as well as customized to improve eating habits advice.

She is the mother of two and passionate about healthy living. Apply nutritional therapies and maintains a home free of toxins to maximize the development and health of their children. Enjoy recipes adapted to the needs of his family to obtain a high level of nutrition and healing. She loves to research and share what has worked for them as a family to support others.

He is the author of Healthy Living for Special Needs published as a reference resource for special families sold around the world. She manages her time between her business, organization Angelman Guatemala and also in a blog for healthy living.

Hector Castro is a professional chef for over 15 years, specializing a year and a half in the US, and founder of H Bistro in Antigua Guatemala, where resides. Advisory culinary art projects he has been involved in Fundraising in the US involved with Guatemalan dishes.

He has worked in cities like Chapel Hill in North Carolina; Harbor Island in the Bahamas; among others. Currently does private cooking on yachts in the Caribbean, to personalities and celebrities worldwide.

Its cuisine is widely recognized and his career has been mentioned in several publications in local and foreign media. His preference is international food. His extensive experience allows him to meet culinary tastes.

He specializes in personal service and customer care. Enjoy experimenting and discovering new recipes and flavor combinations that allow you to enrich your culinary repertoire.

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